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The set of integrated knowledge of the change committees

Committees of PHILOSOPHY

A new model for a new company

TEDX Spoleto - November 20, 2021

ALFASSA was invited to present

A new model for a new company

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Committees of RESEARCH

Holistic and quantum approach

From HOMO Sapiens to HOMO NOVUS

Foundation HOMO NOVUS

Technology and the human, beyond the limits of humanity

New technologies retroact on us by changing us, homo sapiens has been "transformed" by technology which develops, evolves and grows in symbiosis with the human and in a circular interaction, what were the effects and what possible developments ?

There HOMO NOVUS Foundationvi invites you to view the VIDEO recorded in Streamingof the first introductory session of the event.


Interdisciplinary Manager

A new professional figure who combines scientific skills with humanistic skills
Borgo Lizori, Umbria (PG)
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Reversing the macroeconomic paradigm

SMART CITIES Strategic Planning Program

Participation foundation for the sustainable development of its territory

Conference on environmental sustainability

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Geco - Virtual Fair 1-2-3-4 March 2022

Second edition "GREEN TOGHEDER

The virtual fair on sustainability with an international dimension

Smart Cities Italy, has also been invited to participate in this second edition of the Fair, and like last year in which it participated together with some Members and Partners, on this occasion renews the invitation to its Associates to participate, within the own stand, thus giving the opportunity to those who will be interested to have great visibility with their products / solutions / projects



RENEWABLE ENERGIES - To discover new ways to produce and use the energies of our planet in a sustainable way, thanks to the latest technologies and innovations (Ssolar - wind - energy efficiency - biomass - geothermal)

 TOURISM & MICE - To understand new practices and choices that do not damage the environment, promoting lasting economic development that enhances the territory, biodiversity and culture of tourist resorts (Slow Luxury Tourism - Sustainable & biodiverse - Incentive travel & events)

GREEN MOBILITY - To discover new green ways to travel both in everyday life and at work. Electric vehicles, greenways, technologies and infrastructures necessary for the evolution of Smart Cities (Smart Cities - Business travel - Soft & sharing mobility)

 ANDCO FOOD - To learn about the food chain from agricultural production to food logistics and packaging; an evolution towards sustainable processes, with a positive social and environmental impact (Responsible consumption - Responsible production - Agritech)

 ANDCIRCULAR CONOMY - To understand the self-regenerating economy, which looks at the sustainability of resources, the recovery of all that is defined as "waste" at the end of the production cycle and its regeneration and recycling (Recycling & Upcycling - No-waste - Re-manufacturing)


A protected and reliable marketplace where it is possible to operate without having predefined limits and borders and without any level of intermediation

Smart Cities Italy lands in Sicily

The spontaneous committee has just been set up in the province of Catania and Messina for the establishment of a new foundation for territorial development. We are collecting adhesions and anyone from the area interested in participating is requested to contact the Smart Cities Italy Association, presenting their ideas or needs. There are many projects to be implemented, one more interesting than the other, in a territory that is perhaps among the most beautiful in Italy.    


The set of tools, processes and software applications that consider technology as a heritage of humanity and the data of those who generate them

Cooperatives Technology Platform

The cooperatives of the future!

Oxygen Factory

The new social platform for environmental protection and biodiversity protection

There Dyneros, in cooperation with a large Hemp producer, presents the new technological platform "Oxygen Factory", A new virtual environment that was created to raise awareness among the community about the sustainability of the environment. The goal is to encourage reforestation and the development of projects related to the cultivation and production of plants that are used to produce oxygen. The project plans to create a decentralized system (Blockchain) for the certification of environmental credits.

System of Development

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